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EnyHealth is a product of Eny Mobility. The company is engaged in the production of various liquids that change the properties of the surface on which this liquid is applied.

We started by redesigning the logo. The customer insisted on keeping the same logo, but we changed it a little. After that, we moved on to developing design, and made a corporate identity and a corporate pattern.

After developing the basis of the corporate identity, we made a juicy packaging design for 3 types of liquids: antimicrobial, hydrophobic and highly hydrophobic. The liquid in a glass bottle, together with the instructions for use, is placed in a presentable box. All together it looks as following


Then we moved on to the development of the landing page. We decided to start from the page for hydrophobic liquid, since it was the beginning of spring in the yard — cold, wet and very dirty. We collected all the content from the old site and made packaging according to the meanings of the new product. As a result, the site turned out to be very bright and good looking.

You can view our works here https://neuroonedigital.com/works/

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