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NICE is an interior design studio that used to be called Zhillins Brothers. The guys changed the name and came to us with the task of making a corporate identity for the new brand. Nice is among the top 100 best interior designers in Region. The creator of the studio is Nick Moro, one of the most well-known architects in Europe.

Our working with NICE

Our main goal was to create a completely new brand with a new name. We have made 5 logo concepts. The customer chose a fairly simple concept, which at the same time looked expensive. We have chosen the right colors, these are new and golden.

Then we moved on to developing a corporate identity. In addition to the selection of fonts and colors, we have developed a corporate pattern, an additional set of corporate elements, as well as a set of icons that can be used both in working with the website and in printing POS materials.


After that, we started developing printed materials and elements for communication. This included booklets, albums, pens, business cards, letterhead, signboard etc.

You can view our works here https://neuroonedigital.com/works/

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