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We develop startups and Internet services for your business. You can just come to us with your idea, and we will implement it.

Our company started with the fact that we were engaged in startups. Moreover, we did startups not only in the IT sphere. For example, we are the first to launch the sale of coffee in traffic jams in Russia. We love innovative projects or projects that solve the severe pain of the target audience.

How it works:

We know all the necessary methodologies for the development of startups and Internet services, including Lean, Agile, and Scrum. Each of them is suitable for a certain type of project, so we are not ready to tell you now how your project will be developed.

The main thing is that you now need to understand what kind of project you want to launch. It should be interesting for the market and satisfy the needs of your audience. It is not enough to make a project stupidly for the sake of profit or yourself. He should be useful to society.

Deadlines: Are individual and depend on the accepted iterations

Cost: from 9000 USD

What else: We are ready to work with some projects for a share in management and profit.

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