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A logo is a graphic sign or logo of a brand. It is used to increase the recognition and memorability of the company. Logos are a necessary element in the image of companies. They are needed so that customers can distinguish the products of different firms within the same industry. Logos are one of the most difficult, but favorite works. Maximum involvement and skill are required from us to transfer all the values and meanings of the company into one sign.

When creating a logo, we combine not only our skills, and tremendous experience and skills, but also modern trends, as well as the wishes and vision of the future logo by the customer.

There are already 211 logos and about 1000 rendered concepts in our portfolio.

We made logos for restaurants, coffee shops, pastry shops, pizzerias, sushi bars, auto repair shops, beauty salons, barbershops, online stores, medical centers, football and hockey clubs, hookah bars, SEO agencies, dance schools, logistics companies and metallurgical plants.

Logos cost:

The cost in our case depends on the number of draft concepts.

3 options — 220 USD

5 options — 300 USD

10 options — 500 USD

How we make logos:

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