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NeuroOne branding is the mood and feeling that remains in the head and hearts of customers from your company, product, or service.

As you may have already understood, branding is not only a logo and corporate identity. It’s much more than that. Good branding is also a lot of work on meanings. It is very important to make a brand that, on the one hand, will interact well with the audience, and on the other hand, fully personify the product.

Full-fledged branding includes several key elements.

With the help of high-quality branding, the company can simply shoot at the market or restart the project. Branding is able to attract new customers, be remembered at the level of associations, and thus be something more than just a company.

Cost: from 2000 USD

Terms: from 1.5 months

We will do a full branding for you 😉

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